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Cadet Corps Alumni NETWORK


The Cadet Corps Alumni Council (CCAC)


The Cadet Corps Alumni Council (CCAC) has a twofold mission: First, to support the University of Texas at Arlington’s (UTA) Military Science program and enable it to continue developing outstanding future leaders of the US Army. Second, to facilitate comradeship and communication among Military Science alumni across the decades and recognize their service and achievements.


To help maintain, and further develop, the Army ROTC program at the University of Texas at Arlington as one of the highest quality – to develop military leaders for the new challenges of the 21st century, with emphasis on leadership, academics, advanced technology, and multiple cross-functional skills.

About the Cadet Corps Alumni Council (CCAC)

To accomplish our mission and vision our goals are :

  • To support and sustain the U.S. Army ROTC program goals at UTA.
  • To provide scholarships and financial assistance to ROTC cadets at UTA.
  • To encourage cadets to stay enrolled in Army ROTC and excel in their studies, through mentoring and guidance roles.
  • To foster a sense of belonging and affiliation among current UTA cadets.
  • To promote the bonds of friendship among former cadets across the decades and recognize their service and achievements.
  • To preserve and publicize the history of the UTA Cadet Corps to serve as a guide for future cadets.

    The Cadet Corps Alumni Network (CCAN)


    To establish a network of Maverick / Mean Green Battalion Alumni and friends who are interested in collaboration, mentorship, and assisting each other while promoting a high level of Esprit de Corps.


    We will accomplish our mission by focusing in three areas:

    • One, maintaining an accurate member directory to facilitate communication and collaboration. 
    • Two, establish Local Alumni Chapters based off of the current residential location of members, to promote camaraderie and to provide local support and mentorship. 
    • Three, by establishing Branch Mentorship Groups and Career focus groups, to allow members with common professional interests a vehicle by which to provide mentorship and collaboration. 

    What is the Difference between the CCAN and the CCAC?

    The Cadet Corps Alumni Council is the overarching organization with a primary focus of supporting the cadets and Military Science Department. We have been doing that for over two decades.  We are now starting to develop programs that can help cadets as they move through their careers, transition from the military to civilian life and help in whatever their second career might be.  The Cadet Corps Alumni Network is one of the major mechanisms the CCAC is using to keep us connected.  It will provide the ability for members and cadets to efficiently communicate with each other on an informal basis.  It will be a way for people to stay connected.

    The primary focus of the CCAN is on connecting the Alumni through a digital network and local chapters; this effort is currently free and does not financially support cadets or the Department of Military Science. Thus, the CCAN is primarily Alumni focused.

    Please see the CCAC page for Membership Information. 


    Address: 2670 East Lamar Blvd., Arlington, TX 76011


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