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Life Membership Endowment Fund

In 2003, the CCAC created the Life Membership Endowment Fund to provide operating funds to achieve the CCAC’s mission of supporting UTA’s Military Science Department programs and cadets.  Military Science Department alumni may purchase CCAC life memberships in lieu of other memberships dues.

In 2013, the CCAC moved the $30,000 fund to the University of Texas System for administration and investment, and UTA matched the $30,000 to bring the total endowment value to $60,000 at that time.   As of August 2017, the fund had a value of over $105,000.  Alumni may still purchase CCAC life memberships and those fees are added to the permanent CCAC  Life Membership Endowment.

As of October 2017, life memberships paid for on-line via this website will be paid directly to UTA and will be tax deductible.  Life memberships paid by check will also be tax deductible if they are made out to UTA with CCAC Life Membership listed on the memo line. We suggest your checks be sent to CCAC Attn: Sarah Nahhas, 2670 East Lamar Blvd, Arlington, TX 76011 and we will deposit them with the UTA Office of Development.

Annual interest from the fund is distributed as follow:  20% of the annual distribution is reinvested so the fund continues to grow and 80% may be used to support the Military Science Department.  That support includes:

  1. The annual Military Science Hall of Honor
  2. Awards and recognition for cadets
  3. Cadet recruiting, publicity, and website
  4. Cadet social events
  5. Scholarships (in addition to the separate Scholarship Fund)
  6. Short-term loans to cadets at low rates of interest.
  7. Other Military Science activities that benefit Military Science students.

Details on the Life Membership Endowment Fund are contained in a 2013 agreement moving the fund to the University of Texas System.

Became a CCAC Life Member and support UTA’s  Military Science program!

Click the below button for eligibility information and an on-line membership application. 

Life Membership Endowment Fund


Address: 2670 East Lamar Blvd., Arlington, TX 76011


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