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Cadet Corps Alumni NETWORK


The Cadet Corps Alumni Council (CCAC) has a twofold mission: First, to support the University of Texas at Arlington’s (UTA) Military Science program and enable it to continue developing outstanding future leaders of the US Army. Second, to facilitate comradeship and communication among Military Science alumni across the decades and recognize their service and achievements.


The CCAC was started over twenty-four years ago by a group of former cadets and cadre that believed it was time to recognize the benefits they had received from the Military Science Department at the University of Texas at Arlington.   Our goal was to provide financial, mentorship, historical perspective and life experiences in the Army and in the civilian community to cadets.  Today we are over two hundred strong spanning seven decades.   Our membership represents all branches of the Army and all services.  Outside of the military we have members with experience in most career fields.  Initially the CCAC focused on helping with the commissioning of cadets.  We now are moving into the nurturing of graduates as they move through their military careers and civilian occupations.   A major undertaking is assisting members as they transition from a military career into the civilian workforce or retirement.  We can only become stronger as cadets are commissioned, build a successful military or civilian career and realize what they received from the Military Science Depart.  We honestly believe that many former cadets will realize what their experiences in the Military Science Department gave them and will become members of the CCAC to help give back. 

About the Cadet Corps Alumni Council (CCAC)

To accomplish our mission and vision our goals are :

  • To support and sustain the U.S. Army ROTC program goals at UTA.
  • To provide scholarships and financial assistance to ROTC cadets at UTA.
  • To encourage cadets to stay enrolled in Army ROTC and excel in their studies, through mentoring and guidance roles.
  • To foster a sense of belonging and affiliation among current UTA cadets.
  • To promote the bonds of friendship among former cadets across the decades and recognize their service and achievements.
  • To preserve and publicize the history of the UTA Cadet Corps to serve as a guide for future cadets.


Address: 2670 East Lamar Blvd., Arlington, TX 76011


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