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The CCAC Endowed Scholarship Fund

The CCAC established the Endowed Scholarship Fund in 2002 and in 2003 moved the fund to the University of Texas System for investment and administration.  The fund’s purpose is to provide financial assistance to ROTC students in UTA’s Military Science program.  The complete document establishing this fund is on file in the Military Science Department and UTA’s Office of Development.

Donations paid on-line via this website or by check payable to UTA with the note for the CCAC Endowed Scholarship Fund are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  Click the button below or the donation button on our Our “Pay For” page and you will be taken to a UTA Office of Development page where donations may be made.  See the Gold Bar Program page for additional information on donating.


The award may be used for tuition, fees and books for the awardee(s).  The award may also be used for room and board and other living essentials for the awardee(s).    The award may be renewed up to 4 years as long as a minimum 2.8 GPA is maintained.  Distribution of the award will be made by the University of Texas at Arlington and dispersed through the University’s accounting system.  No more than 80% of the fund’s annual earning on the principal may be distributed as awards each year.  The goal is to build the endowment fund year after year.  The 80% of annual earnings distributed may be given as one award or as several awards to different students, at the discretion of the Awards Committee.  The remaining 20% of the endowment’s annual earnings will reinvest into the corpus of the endowment.  As of 31 August 2016 the fund had a market value of over $122,000.


In awarding scholarship monies, the Awards Committee will have the option of offering the award(s) to students who have successfully completed two semesters at UTA in the U.S. Army Military Science program (and who have maintained an average GPA of 2.8 for all courses) , or of offering the award(s) to recruit outstanding prospective students into the U.S. Army Military Science program at UTA.  The student(s) must demonstrate a strong interest in serving in the U.S. Army upon graduation, and be committed to the pursuit of an Army commission.  All applicants must be recommended by the Military Science Department as worthy candidates for the award(s).

Factors in Selection

Candidates should be nominated and selected based on the following criteria, in order of importance:

  1. Military leadership potential
  2. Character and integrity
  3. High academic achievement
  4. Financial need

Application Process

Prospective award recipients will be required to complete an application form furnished by the Military Science Department.  Such application will be made by a date specified by the Military Science Department.  Applicants will also provide transcripts, letters of recommendations from one or more officers of the Military Science Department and other documentation the Military Science Department might require.  Due dates and application procedures will be established by the Military Science Department.  The recipient(s) of the award(s) may apply for renewal of the scholarship for up to three years(i.e. a grand total of four years – the first year plus renewal for three years.)

For information on how to donate on a regular basis to this worthy and tax deductible scholarship program, see the Gold Bar Program page.

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Endowed Scholarship Fund


Address: 2670 East Lamar Blvd., Arlington, TX 76011


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