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Tradition of the Silver Cup Ceremony

On Special occasions, returning Army battalions from World War II would gather around a punch bowl to make toasts in honor or remembrance of a person or important event.

Colonel Cecil Roberts brought this tradition to the Corps of Cadets Alumni at our campus.  We continue to celebrate this tradition at the Military Hallo of Honor, Silver Cup Ceremony

Over time, as members passed away, their cups were turned upside down on the table.  In honor of our fallen brothers, members are encouraged to toast using their silver cups.  Everyone is invited to join the Silver Cup Tradition, whether you use your own silver cup or a guest cup provided by the reception committee.

Cups will be placed on the tables.  Cadets will come by and fill the cups prior to the toasts.  The order of the toasts will be as follow:

To the Commander and Chief, the president of the United States
(Toast is made by the Soldier of the Future)
Response: To the President

To the United States Army
(Toast is made by a representative of the Dept. of Military Science)
Response: To the Military

To the University of Texas at Arlington
(Toast is made by a representative of UTA)
Response: To the University

To those who have been members of the Corps of Cadets or will be members of the Corps of Cadets
(Toast is given by the Cadet Battalion Commander)
Response: To the Corps

To our Fallen Comrades
(Toast will be given by the President of the Cadet Corps Alumni Council and will be preceded by the reading a list of any former members of the Corps of Cadets who have passed away since the last Hall of Honor.)
Response: To our Comrades

Salute by the Carlisle Cannons

Purchase your own Silver Cup for $60 - with your name, graduation date and university (ASC, UTA or one of the other universities in UTA’s ROTC program.)


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