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Join the Gold Bar Program!

The Gold Bar program was started in 2007 to provide additional scholarship money for the CCAC Endowed Scholarship program. The idea behind the program is for individuals to pledge a set amount of money for each cadet commissioned through the UTA Military Science Department.  The department commissions about 20 cadets a year.  The amount can be as small as a dollar and as much as someone would like to commit.

For example:  If someone pledges $1.00 and the program commissions 20 cadets at the end of the year, then that member’s tax deductible donation is $20.  If the pledge is $5.00 and the program commissions 20 cadets, the tax deductible donation would be $100.

You may also change or cancel your pledge at any time by notifying the CCAC Vice President for Development or the CCAC Secretary.

After commissioning, the CCAC will send an invoice to each Gold Bar participant stating the number of cadets commissioned, the amount pledged by the participant and the total amount due based on the pledge. Some members have requested to be invoiced semi-annually after the spring and winter commissioning and other have asked for an annual invoice after the winter commissioning.

You may pay your pledge on-line by going to this website’s “Pay For” page and using the blue button for CCAC Endowed Scholarship Fund Donations.  The button will take you to a UTA Development Office page especially created for the CCAC.  The UTA Development Office will then issue you a receipt directly.

If you prefer to pay by check and mail it to the CCAC, ensure the check is made out to UTA with CCAC Scholarship Fund written on the “memo” line.  Once the CCAC receives the donation,  it will forward it to the UTA Development Office and the donor will receive an acknowledgment of the tax deductible donation for their tax records.

Please consider joining this program. It is an excellent way to continue to provide ongoing contributions to the Cadet Corps Endowed Scholarship fund. Each year there is over $5,000 that goes into the fund.   This really makes a positive impact. So please give some serious consideration to make a pledge to the Gold Bar program by completing the Gold Bar Program Pledge .  You will receive a bill per your preference when cadets are commissioned. 

Click the teal Gold Bar Pledge button to pledge your support

Gold Bar Pledge


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