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Cadet Corps Alumni NETWORK

Membership & Benefits

The Cadet Corps Alumni Council has two types of membership:

  • CCAC Life Membership
  • CCAC 2 year Membership

As a Cadet Corps Alumni Council member, you will receive these benefits:

  • Satisfaction that 100% of Life Membership dues go to a UTA invested fund, the interest of which goes to support Department of Military Military Science activities. 

  • All Life Memberships are tax deductible as of October 2017!
  • Two-Year Memberships, Open to all. - Are NOT tax deductible and go to the CCAC Operating 
  • You will have to opportunity to maintain contact with classmates and network with other ROTC alumni.
  • You will be eligible to vote on important alumni issues pertaining to the CCAC
  • You will receive Reveille – the CCAC newsletter – 3 to 4 times annually, upon request.
  • You will receive an 8″ x 10″  copy of “Cadet Echoes” a painting by our very own Gary Havard.
  • You will receive notifications and invitations to the Hall of Honor each year
  • You will be invited to the Annual Business meeting/Get Together Event
  • You can be a part of the Silver Cup Toasts at the Hall of Honor


Article III of the CCAC Bylaws re Membership & Eligibility


Membership in CCAC is open to all members of the U.S. Army ROTC Cadet Corps, who attended ROTC at UTA or UNT for at least two semesters, or who served in the U.S. Army as part of the Military Science Department at UTA, or who were employed by the UTA Military Science Department, or who served as sweethearts to the UTA Cadet Corps or its sub-groups (Pistol Team, Rifle Team, Sam Houston Rifles, etc.), or who were inducted into the Military Science Hall of Honor, as well as the spouses of all eligible individuals. Anyone eligible becomes a member by payment of the Council’s dues, and remains a member in “good standing” so long as dues are paid. Anyone may elect to become a Life Member by paying the Council’s life member fee, and remains a member in “good standing” thereafter. The dues and the life membership fee will be determined by the CCAC Executive Committee, and may be changed at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

UTA Military Science Department members or affiliates who are not members of CCAC are welcome to participate in CCAC events or social activities at the discretion of the host or hostess of the event or social activity.

The Cadet Corps Alumni Council shall observe the preferences of its members for publishing or suppressing their names or personal information.

Because its membership is geographically scattered, CCAC may have subgroups composed of CCAC members located in specific geographic areas, or subgroups composed of CCAC members with shared experiences (e.g., Insurgent Team, Carlisle Cannons, the Sam Houston Rifles, Color Guard, I am a Maverick, Pistol Team, Rifle Team, etc). These subgroups will be informal organizations but will be encouraged to organize themselves with officers as appropriate to conduct activities, hold meetings, and support CCAC objectives.

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Address: 2670 East Lamar Blvd., Arlington, TX 76011


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